The dynamics of the workplace are changing. Workplace demographics are spanning generations and more employees are working alongside digital technology, making them smarter and more efficient. As these dynamics continue to disrupt the labor market and change the ways we work, leaders need to be able to empower their most valuable asset –their people.

By applying proven best practices, RLM Consulting helps our clients’ organizations operate at high levels of efficiency and effectiveness, maximizing their business’ performance utilizing the right talent, skills, structure, and technology to succeed in the new era of work.

Let’s take a look at some of the ways to improve efficiency at the office.

A good starting point is to identify a few key behaviors that trigger organizational change. While there is no rulebook for establishing efficiency in an organization, there are proven ways the most successful companies share in their approach. They make sure their efforts encompass critical areas such as: strategic value, commitment, behaviors and culture. Investing in these areas will garner the best chance of success.

Implementing efficiency in the office requires commitment from the top, starting with management. Leaders must be able to reiterate the importance of efficiency in their communication, and they must also hire people with the right characterics to carry on those responsibilities and who are committed to the success of the organization.

Positive behavior can also support continuous improvement and culture within an office. A culture that encourages innovation and risk-taking can help spread an efficiency mindset throughout an organization. In some successful companies, it is best to talk about efficiency as a big part of “who we are,” as opposed to “what we did.”

When it comes to organizing an effective team, some key components to consider include setting realistic workloads, establishing supportive supervision systems, maintaining effective leadership and setting clear organizational goals, strategic plans and structures, among other factors.

Organizational effectiveness is critical to success in any company. In order to achieve results, organizations need to execute effective strategies while at the same time engage in their employees. Simply put, organizational effectiveness yields higher financial performance, a better customer satisfaction, and employee retention.